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We are a creative platform built for beer enthusiasts, who may be everyday people
just like you and me. But through the co-creation of these delicious beers,
they unleash the heroes within and share their greatness with the beer community.

Beer Can_silver_Name_sour IPA back with shadow.png

Yuzu Sour IPA | 6.1%


Meet Citrine and Embarrassador - Yuzu Sour IPA! You get hit with yuzu zest on the nose, followed by mangoes and peaches from the new world hops. It drinks with a gentle tartness that’s well balanced by the velvety body. Shines bright like a spotlight and drinks like a juicy hard lemonade!


Pilsner | 4.8%


Pours golden color and topped with a white fluffy head. 

On the nose, starts with floral and lemon-like hop aromas followed by a toasty malt profile. On the palate, drinks with a firm enough body to balance the clean bitterness unique to this style.

Highly drinkable and finishes dry with a crisp after taste.

Beer Can_silver_L_flat_size_BEER(PNG usage) NEW.png
Beer Can_silver_L_flat_size_All beer(PNG usage) copy.png

Blonde Ale | 5.0%


Pool Party Blonde Ale is a summer beer brewed for the perfect pool party. Its citrusy hops makes it so refreshing that you’ll get your imaginary mermaid lines just from knocking out a few cans. 


Warning: Back flipping from the diving board is highly recommended BEFORE downing a can of Pool Party Blonde. Stay dry after drinking, you know the real party's outside of the pool.

Beer Can_silver_L_flat_size_All beer(PNG usage)_Hangry Donut.png

American Wheat Beer | 5.1%

Hangry Donut was born with off the wall levels of goofiness. Over the years of hangrily battling the status quo during prohibition, she developed powers that can bring life to the most boring (aka beerless) objects at the touch of her finger tips. 
The good old American Wheat made with hibiscus and new hops for a whole lot of fun!


Bronze Award, HKIWSC 2021
Silver Medal, AIBA 2019
Gold Medal, Asia Beer Cup 2017

+50dB IPA

American IPA | 6.2%


Cereusly is gifted with the ability to manipulate nature’s most eccentric sounds with every gulp of beer he drinks.  He employs his powers to perfect the sound engineering of post-punk band +50dB with hopes to bring back real music to planet earth.

Just like his favorite pair of headphones, this floral and zesty IPA should only be enjoyed with the finest band sound at night.


Silver Award, HKIWSC 2021
Bronze Medal, AIBA 2019
Bronze Medal, AIBA 2017

Silver Medal, CCBA 2017


Vienna Lager | 5.0%


On his way to the next quest, Albert took a detour down VHHX, the old aviation heroes training ground. The headmaster shared stories of how low-flying heroes honed their skills landing in this challenging runway located in the middle of the world's densest city. Back then, each hero was supplied with a floating bread roll to help them keep balance in the sky. Since the training ground moved to its new home in 1998, these bread rolls were left unused floating around. Knowing Albert, he decided to throw these floating rolls into his BINO to see what happens, and ended up with this rich, toasty VHHX Vienna Lager.

Beer Can_silver_L_flat_size_All beer(PNG usage)_VHHX.png

*Collaborated with Cathay Pacific Catering Services

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New England Double IPA | 7.8%


Kupzzy the phoenix was born with unparalleled vision. She's led her followers through rains and storms with her immense courage. But the sky is getting darker than ever as a dark force is bringing in unprecedented cyclones and thunder. For the first time, the only clear path she sees leads her flock into a terrifying cluster of black holes.

Time is pressed and forward is the only way through if they don't want to get wiped out by the storm. She takes the lead, and dives into the black hole, only with hope that there is a bright warm sun waiting for them at the other end.

Beer Can_silver_L_flat_size_All beer(PNG usage)_Kupzzy.png

Champion IPA of Asia, Asia Beer Championship 2021
Gold Medal, Asia Beer Championship 2021
Bronze Medal, AIBA 2021

Best IPA, HKDIWSC 2020

Gold Medal, Asia Beer Championship 2020

ABC 2021_Champion IPA Medal_RGB AW sml_lr.png
ABC 2021_Champion IPA Medal_RGB AW lr.png

Porter | 5.8%


After years of unrelenting boozy experiments on the brew roof, mad scientist Hunk Sir finally produced this secret peacemaker potion which can turn the worst enemies into friends.  This lactose coffee porter is a result of Hunk Sir’s work - turning coffee and porter into best friends.


Gold Award, HKDIWSC 2021

Silver Medal, AIBA 2019

Silver Medal, AIBA 2017

Beer Can_silver_L_flat_size_All beer(PNG usage)Hunk Sir.png
1.5X IPA

IPA | 6.7%


HK Brewcraft is the imperative boot camp for all Heroes in town. They're known for their great selection of fascinating Heroes weapons, fresh ammunitions and potent rations.


When Albert went over to help plan HK Brewcraft's 5th birthday party with his Brew Crew buddies, he accidentally knocked over a few cartons of mysterious Heroes gunpowder into their anniversary brew. Just as Albert was about to crap his pants, the Brew Crew gave him a pat on his back saying 'Atta-boy! That's the secret sauce we need for our famous Si "L" Dan IPA!'


Silver Award, HKDIWSC 2021

Bronze Medal, Asia Beer Championship 2020

Best Beer, 2019

Silver Medal, AIBA 2019

Beer Can_silver_L_flat_size_All beer(PNG usage)_Si L Dan.png

Imperial Stout | 8.7%

Bench Boss is an inconspicious master dark strategist. Even after a dire defeat, he kept a clear mind and waited, then eventually turned the tide with his surprise attack in the Battle of Sze Shan St.


Bench Boss in real life fell in love with soccer fan when he was a kid, and went on to become a high school teacher and soccer coach. He was bullied as a freshman, and thus never had the chance to play in matches despite his obvious talent. Bench Boss laid low and waited, and eventually his time came - he came off the bench and turned the tides within minutes on the field. 


Bench Boss is now a retired teacher that often meets up with his students over drinks. After years of drinking the obvious commercial lagers, he came across a stout that is so dark and full of flavors, and immediately fell in love. 


This Backup Imperial Stout with strong coffee and dark chocolate flavors from malt is our tribute to all players patiently waiting on the bench for their moments to shine.

Beer Can_Black_L_flat_size_Bench Boss copy.png

Dry Hopped American Pilser | 5.2%

The city has never been this safe before. Captain Psykick, the city's guardian, earned his people's trust when he single-handedly prevented two waves of nearly eighty attacks from the evil Strong Man tribe with his unique superpowers.

In his sleep, he crawls the minds of lurking villains and gets them to binge watch the most addictive TV series so they would naturally waste their lives away.

In preparation of the next villain soul sucker - the World Cup, Captain Psykick decides to supercharge it by brewing this  crushable Siesta Lager to keep the evil minded tardy and basically useless.



Gold Medal, AIBA 2019

Beer Can_silver_L_captain psykick(PNG usage) copy.png

Scotch Ale | 6.8%

AP-09, an enhanced dog whose neck is made of steel, embarks on an epic journey in search of the ultimate beer truth, fighting off monsters (aka beer snobs) along the way.

This straightforward, yet potentially buttery Scotch Ale is AP-09’s strong stand against all beer snobs.

Hong Kong International Beer Awards

Beer Can_silver_L_flat_size_All beer(PNG usage) ap09.png

Black IPA | 6.8%

Torikage has been the beloved ninja leader since Jiyuha Village's formation. Abilities like bulletproof steady hands, infinite stamina, and shadow clone jutsu all come in handy in her mission of preserving the village. With such capable Torikage in place, Jiyuha Village flourished and continues to fascinate residents and tourists alike.


Birukatsugan is Torikage's secret energy drink. The beer is made with ample amount of hops and dark malts to give a dank and roasty bitterness that just won't leave your taste buds alone. "Bitter is better", as Torikage says.

Beer Can_silver_L_flat_size_tokirage(PNG usage) copy.png

Berliner Weisse | 4.0%

Alchem-Ms. discovered her drink-transforming powers at age 6, when she threw a tantrum being served watered down Ribena, and turned it into a fresh squeezed juice.


She stirs up this Bee's Knees inspired concoction to save the world from bad drinks.  A tart Berliner Weisse packed with citrus fruits and backed by hints of juniper and honey.

Beer Can_silver_L_flat_size_alchemms(PNG usage) copy.png

Single Hop Mosaic IPA | 6.2%

With their time-travelling ability, Hygge Bros could have saved the world (or won the lotto). Instead, they travelled back and forth fawning over the different faces that IPA has to offer over the years, and smuggled them into their secret time capsule with plans to host the largest IPA party the world has ever seen.  

The Bros travelled to 2012 to bring back this Mosaic single hop IPA to celebrate the year this wonderful hop was born. Toasty malts, medium body, and Mosaic’s unique blueberry, mango aroma - it's one you'd revisit time and again.  Who knows which IPA they’ll bring back next time?

hygge bossPNG usage) copy.png


Munchy is a highly evolved koala whose only nemesis in life is the headaches caused by mosquitoes' buzzes. When he met Poshy, the mythical ever-hungry tree whose burps are toxic to mosquitoes, he made a plan to keep her by his side forever.


Hundreds of sleepless nights later, Munchy finally built the magical oven that produces Poshy's favorite food whenever she thinks of it, capturing her stomach and heart for good.


To celebrate their union, the pair brewed this punchy bride-ale, a marriage between fruits and hops in a balanced, easy-drinking pale ale.

Munchy and poshy(PNG usage) copy.png
Michelada gose
ab48(PNG usage) copy.png

Spicy Gose | 4.5%

AB-48 and AP-09 are both among Albert's earliest recruits. Their shared unyielding attitudes towards good beer caught Albert's attention.  


But they never got along well. While AP-09 believes in solid classic beers, AB-48 always has an urge to question the norm and help discover enhanced beer styles for a better beer world. Frustrated with the never ending arguments, the two eventually parted ways to embark on their own boozy journeys. AP-09 went on with his mission of wiping out all monsters (aka beer snobs) around the world while AB-48 answered to her inner calling to go on a never ending quest to discover the best creative beer styles for all mankind.


This Michelada Gose is AB-48's newest discovery. Taking inspiration from three continents, she adds blood oranges and Yu Kwen Yick chili sauce into the classic gose, and builds her own version of the Mexican hangover remedy.

Silver Medal, AIBA 2019


RYE IPA | 5.5%

The Wild Runners is an outlaw band. At their 2047 inter-galactic concert, Hygge Bros felt the groove running up their spines and became the band's biggest fans right there.


Seeing the eagerness in the brothers' eyes, the band followed them back to 2018, where people were zombified by the mysterious Red Mist. There, they played and played with their "G force" until their music morphed into a mystical qilin that liberated millions of hearts and minds.


The Wild Runners jammed out The Majestic IPA in 2018. The polyphonic spicy rye malt and the citrusy hop waves is not meant for everyone, but only the ones who resonates with it.

wild runner.png

Jasmine Tea Summer Ale | 5.2%

Albert and Cereusly were ecstatic when they heard about this new livehouse called TTN that also sells the best hero supplies.

The duo arrived at TTN, only to find that the supply store was secretly controlled by the evil Green Giant. The Giant has multiple forms - sometimes even disguising itself as a friendly local weaponsmith. But Cereusly and Albert saw through its tricks at one glance.

The duo can't let music fans down. As the first step to take back the supply store, they used this simple combination of tea and hops to create "This Town Needs Beer", a potion that reveals the true face of the Green Giant.


Silver Medal, AIBA 2019

This town need beer (PNG usage) copy.png

Session IPA | 4.5%

South China Tigers are a brand-new professional team managed by the Hong Kong Rugby Union. Uniting top players from Hong Kong, Greater Bay Area, and the rest of the world, South China Tigers are ready to show the world what they’re made of. Lacking the physique and strength required, Albert figures he'd better stay on the side line as a fan, while doing what he does best - jumping up and down and screaming like crazy when the Tigers scores, with a beer in hand. He created this Try Time IPA, a citrusy, thirst quenching, crisp session IPA specifically made for players and fans to easily down a few during celebratory moments.

try time IPA(PNG usage) copy.png

Pineapple Berliner Weisse | 3.5%

Draft Land is Albert's newest discovery - Its innovative approach of drawing potions directly from its taps ensures that all heroes get the perfect libation in light speed. One of Draft Land's most venerable mixologist is Wing Man, a machine built upon speed, precision, and power. Though a force to be reckoned with by himself, his heart is to help others be the best versions of themselves. And let's face it - we could all use a wingman in our lives! For his drink of choice, think: Pineapple Gin Fizz. A tart wheat ale with noticeable pineapples aroma backed by hints of juniper. The assertive acidity, lower ABV and minimal IBUs makes the beer a smashable beer for spring.

Beer Can_silver_L_flat_size_All beer(PNG usage) Wingman.png

Wee Heavy | 9.0%

After parting ways with his fellow apprentices, AP-09 the steel necked dog embarked on this epic journey on his own. The constant ignorance from beer snobs and the lack of genuine appreciation from beer tickers tipped him over the board.
Eventually, his vision deteriorated and neck stiffed up so much that he could no longer tell a friend from a foe. He became the Stiff Necked AP-09 who would no longer listen to anyone but himself.
The SNAP-09 is a strong, snobbish version of AP-09. A sweet, rich, smooth Wee Heavy with complex nutty, caramel, cookie dough, and toffee malt flavors.

snap 09.png
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