Milkshake IPA / abv 6.0%


The Hero:

You know that little fat sausage-looking dude who's always hanging around our heroes? That's Albert, one of the last survivors of the legendary "Fei Cheung" tribe that's gifted with the power to unleash the greatness within all beer lovers.

On his free time he's supposed to be test brewing in his ancestor's magical brewing pot - Da BINO. He never really got to it, coz he figured his ancestors are not alive enough to bug him anyways. Therefore, he proceeded to do whatever he wants, no matter how strange or weird it sounds.


The Beer:

Starts with fresh blueberry and citrus aroma followed by dessert-like vanilla notes. Pours dark purple with some haze like a blueberry milkshake.


Drinks with moderate tartness from the berries but well supported by its creamy body. A vibrant beer that helps keeps you going on a movie bingeing night.

ALBERT'S BINO #01 Blueberry Milkshake IPA - Case of 24x 330ml Cans


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