BENCH BOSS Backup Imperial Stout 24-Pack

Imperial Stout / abv 8.7%


The Hero:

Since Bench Boss and the villains fell in the  Battle of Remex Centre, he's been benched in the realm dominated by the beefy heroes. Bench Boss, a master strategist who always favoured the underdogs, kept a clear mind and waited for the perfect moment to strike back.

Just as the villains were about to be annihilated in the Battle of Sze Shan St, Bench Boss infiltrated heroes' Wah Fai Fort and  shook up the scene with an unexpected launch of a dark ancient weapon.

The Beer:

Dark, complex, mysterious just like Bench Boss, this Backup Imperial Stout starts with prominent dark roast coffee aroma, followed by dark chocolate, caramel, toasted breads and dried plums. The strong malt profile is balanced by hop flavors of pine oak and citrus fruits. Comes with a hearty body, creamy mouthfeel and a long finish.

BENCH BOSS Backup Imperial Stout 24-Pack