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Drink Like a Fish 750ml Bottle

Drink Like a Fish
Salted fish mead
ABV 7.8%


"Drink like a Fish" is a collaboration between Heroes Beer Co and eR:vive by KCWK. This exceptional semi-sweet mead artfully combines the essence of local blossom honey with local salted threadfin. Pours with a golden colour and leaves legs when swirled. Starts with citrusy floral aroma followed by a touch of nutty notes. With each sip you get a blend of honey's natural sweetness, the light savoury touch of salted threadfin and citrusy acidy from natural fermentation, creating a truly unique taste experience. Finishes semi-sweet with very mild carbonation.


明明好鹹嘅鹹魚,竟然可以製造出甜蜜回憶?"Drink like a Fish"係Heroes Beer Co和eR:vive by KCWK嘅合作產品,用本地蜂蜜同香港最家常嘅馬友鹹魚,製成口味奇趣嘅魚香蜜酒。呢款蜜酒包裝顛覆咗傳統鹹魚嘅形象,用幾何圖案組成魚嘅形態,酒色金黃令人聯想到蜂蜜,甚至係曬鹹魚嘅陽光。入口先有柑橘花香,後帶堅果氣息,會品嚐到天然蜂蜜甜香,同時有馬友鹹魚嘅鹹鮮味。半鹹半甜,有天然發酵嘅柑橘酸味同溫和嘅碳酸口感;味覺體驗,獨一無二。


Drink Like a Fish 750ml Bottle

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