HANGRY DONUT Hopiscus Wheat

American Wheat / abv  5.1%


Gold medal winner at the Asia Beer Cup 2017

Silver medal winner at the Australian International Beer Award 2019

The Hero:
Hangry Donut was born with off the wall levels of goofiness. Over the years of hangrily battling the status quo during prohibition, she developed powers that can bring life to the most boring (aka beerless) objects at the touch of her finger tips. 

The Beer:
The good old American Wheat made with hibiscus, lactose and new hops for a whole lot of fun!

Wheat and hibiscus take the main stage of Hangry Donut Hopiscus Wheat, giving the beer its attractive peachy color and large, creamy head.

The citrusy hop aroma matches perfectly with the hibiscus to create a thirst-quenching raspberry sherbet summer beer. 

HANGRY DONUT Hopiscus Wheat

  • Australian International Beer Awards 2019

    Asia Beer Cup 2017