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人一世物一世點都要做一次啤酒英雄有限公司6歲生日派對 hEROES 6th Anniversary Party


hEROES 下星期六喺英雄總部搞生日派對,今年慶祝環節包括有:


  1. 第6屆啤L指公摔角大賽Albert's Cup VI - 由Carbon Brews衛冕嘅隊制比賽,啤L/酒廠/其實任何人都可以自由組隊參加,爭取啤界最強指公榮譽。
  2. hEROES 6週年限量版啤酒RBBAIMSwCNC&Y正式面世 - 每年只釀一批嘅週年紀念「字母啤」,今年限量756支,每位入場都會得到一支(當然歡迎加購啦),另外六週年紀念海報同tee都會喺當日率先發售。
  3. 今年佐酒小食來自甜記餃子,再由自稱掌握煎餃子「唯一技巧」嘅James為大家即場炮製。
  4. 8款啤酒齊齊上tap任飲,包括三週年、五週年(樽裝)、六週年嘅「字母啤」俾你垂直品鑑(仲有款神秘bonus... 等公佈啦)。




hEROES is Six!


This year we are hosting our Anniversary Party at hEROES HQ. Here's what you'll find:


  1. 6th Beer Geek Thumb Wrestling Championship Albert's Cup VI - Form a team with fellow brewers / drinkers and challenge the defending champion team Carbon Brews to the most prestigious title of all - The King of Thumbs.
  2. Each ticket holder will receive a bottle of hEROES 6th Anniversary Beer RBBAIMSwCNC&Y. Our annual beer nicknamed "the alphabets" is only limited to 756 bottles this year. Of course, you may purchase more bottles, or our 6th anniversary poster and tees. 
  3. This year we're featuring everyone's favorite dumplings from Tin Kee, prepared by James who claims to have mastered THE way to prepare a perfect dumpling.
  4. 8 beers will be on tap for you to enjoy, including the 3rd, 5th (bottle), and 6th anniversary beer! (Well there's another mysterious bonus one... stay tuned) 

Tickets are limited. Grab yours now!


人一世物一世點都要做一次啤酒英雄有限公司6歲生日派對 hEROES 6th Anniversary Party:

日期Date: 25 Nov 2023 (Sat)

時間Time: 4-7pm

地點Venue:@hEROES HQ (📍Room 3C, 3/F, Wah Fai Industrial Building, 4 Sze Shan Street, Yau Tong, Kowloon)

人一世物一世點都要做一次啤酒英雄有限公司6歲生日派對 hEROES 6th Anniversary Party

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