Pool Party Blonde Ale

ABV 5.0%, IBU 20


Pool Party Blonde Ale is a summer beer brewed for the perfect pool party. Its citrusy hops makes it so refreshing that you’ll get your imaginary mermaid lines just from knocking out a few cans. 


Warning: Back flipping from the diving board is highly recommended BEFORE downing a can of Pool Party Blonde. Stay dry after drinking, you know the real party's outside of the pool.

一見到池邊有呢隻Pool Party Blonde Ale,你就知道自己去啱咗Pool Party。非常清爽嘅口感加上來自啤酒花嘅柑橘香味,飲飲下你會開始發現自己原來都有人魚線(FF mode)。


警告:如果你諗住表演轉體翻騰一周半跳水,強烈建議喺飲Pool Party Blonde Ale之前完成表演。飲咗就唔好再落水喇,因為真正嘅party已經喺泳池邊開始咗。

Pool Party Blonde Ale