Summer Boat Party Combo

夏天鍾意去船P嘅朋友啱哂喇,我哋最新推出嘅船P啤酒Combo Set,由「蠅量級」48罐去到「重量級」192罐都有,重點係會送到碼頭!入面除咗有最新最party嘅Pool Party Blonde Ale,仲有LockCha Phoenix Oolong Pale Ale、VHHX Vienna Lager同Cereusly IPA。

The new Boat Party Combos are now available on our webstore, ranging from "flyweight set" of 48 cans to "heavyweight set" of 192 cans. The sets feature the newest Pool Party Blonde Ale, along with LockCha Phoenix Oolong Pale Ale, VHHX Vienna Lager, and Cereusly IPA. Simply order at least 3 days before the party, and we will deliver to the pier!

Pool Party Blonde Ale
ABV 5.0%, IBU 20

一見到池邊有呢隻Pool Party Blonde Ale,你就知道自己去啱咗Pool Party。非常清爽嘅口感加上來自啤酒花嘅柑橘香味,飲飲下你會開始發現自己原來都有人魚線(FF mode)。 警告:如果你諗住表演轉體翻騰一周半跳水,強烈建議喺飲Pool Party Blonde Ale之前完成表演。飲咗就唔好再落水喇,因為真正嘅party已經喺泳池邊開始咗。

Pool Party Blonde Ale is a summer beer brewed for the perfect pool party. Its citrusy hops makes it so refreshing that you’ll get your imaginary mermaid lines just from knocking out a few cans. Warning: Back flipping from the diving board is highly recommended BEFORE downing a can of Pool Party Blonde. Stay dry after drinking, you know the real party's outside of the pool. 

Phoenix Oolong Pale Ale鳳凰單欉淡啤
ABV 5.0%, IBU 17
Collaboration with LockCha 樂茶軒

利用大量冷泡鳳凰單欉入酒,酒色琥珀帶輕微混濁。來自鳳凰單欉茶中嘅熱帶水果乾同花香,與美式啤酒花Loral同Cascade柑橘香氣互相襯托,味道由輕巧卻帶層次嘅麥芽作基礎,平衡茶葉中嘅單寧,餘韻悠長。Starts with dried tropical fruits and floral notes from the Phoenix Oolong tea which blends in with the citrusy aroma given by the cascade and loral hops. The malt base is light overall but complex enough to balance the medium level of tannins from the tea which lingers in the finish. Bright amber color with subtle haze from the generous amount of tea added during the cold-brew process.

Collaboration with Cathay Pacific Catering Services (CPCS)
Vienna Lager
ABV 5.0%, IBU 15


Starts with a firm malt profile with toasted bread and biscuits followed by delicate floral hop aroma. Drinks like a liquid bread with complex malt flavor profile of melanoidins. Finishes crisp and clean with a mildly sweet impression.

West Coast IPA
ABV 6.2%

輕盈、乾身而充滿果香草香嘅美式IPA。 特別用咗2016年新品種啤酒花Loral 同 Ekuanot,除咗撲鼻嘅西柚、芒果、熱帶果香之外,仲有草香同花香,令你恍如置身戶外音樂節。 採用低烘焙麥芽,酒色金黃通透,只有輕微麵包味做襯托,令酒花香氣得以盡情發揮。

Just like Cereusly’s favorite pair of headphones, this IPA should only be enjoyed with the finest band sound at night.It’s a crisp, dry and aromatic American IPA created with the theme of nature and music. With the use of new 2016 hop varieties Loral and Ekuanot, Cereusly gives out strong grapefruit, mango, tropical fruit, floral, and grassy aroma. Put on your headphones and boom, you are in your favorite outdoor music festival.Brewed with all pale malts, the subtle bread aroma and flavor give way and let the hops shine through.

Summer Boat Party Combo