VHHX Vienna Lager


Collaboration with Cathay Pacific Catering Services (CPCS)

Vienna Lager

ABV 5.0%, IBU 15


On his way to the next quest, Albert took a detour down VHHX, the old aviation heroes training ground. The headmaster shared stories of how low-flying heroes honed their skills landing in this challenging runway located in the middle of the world's densest city. 


Back then, each hero was supplied with a floating bread roll to help them keep balance in the sky. Since the training ground moved to its new home in 1998, these bread rolls were left unused floating around.


Knowing Albert, he decided to throw these floating rolls into his BINO to see what happens, and ended up with this rich, toasty VHHX Vienna Lager.

Albert喺去緊下一個任務嘅途中,經過舊航空英雄訓練場VHHX。訓練場校長分享咗當年一抬起頭就會見到英雄們喺市中心練習低飛,再喺密集樓宇中間嘅跑道著陸嘅故事。當時,每位英雄都會收到一個帶有浮力嘅麵包,用嚟幫助佢哋喺空中保持平衡。但自從1998年訓練場搬遷之後,呢啲麵包就一直被投閑置散。Albert知道咗之後,決定將呢啲麵包放落BINO入面睇吓會發生咩事,最後得到呢款香濃烤烘味道嘅VHHX Vienna Lager。


The Beer: 

Starts with a firm malt profile with toasted bread and biscuits followed by delicate floral hop aroma. Drinks like a liquid bread with complex malt flavor profile of melanoidins. Finishes crisp and clean with a mildly sweet impression


VHHX Vienna Lager