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24-pack 「燒賣伴侶」海鹽金橘啤酒 Sea Salt Kumquat Lager

海鹽金橘啤酒 Sea Salt Kumquat Lager

(Collaboration with 香港燒賣關注組 )

ABV 4.5%, IBU 15


A golden color beer with fluffy white head. On the nose it starts with zesty aromas of kumquat rind and follows by light biscuit notes. On the palate the subtle floral hop profile blends in with the citrus flavors. The beer finishes very dry with the help of tapioca flour and ends with a balanced slanity that brings out the umami in every bite of siu mai you take in.

24-pack 「燒賣伴侶」海鹽金橘啤酒 Sea Salt Kumquat Lager

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